The scope and ambit of vigilance is very wide indeed and would include in its purview not only matters concerning corruption, bribery, misappropriation, etc. but also any other forms of conduct or behavior which does not behove of a Government servant. However, for the purposes of reference to the Central Vigilance Commission/ DGIT (Vig) & CVO a distinction is to be drawn between vigilance angle on the one hand and administrative angle on the other.

Conduct relating to personal misconduct / misbehavior on the part of the officers:-

This, again, may have variations, viz.

  • Impropriety of language or any other act of insubordination by a subordinate officer in relation to his superiors.

  • Late attendance or long absence from duty without prior intimation / permission.

  • Negligence apparent from non-filing of property returns and non-intimation regarding transactions of immovable / movable property.

  • Non-maintenance of accepted standard of morality, decency, decorum and propriety not just within the confines of office but also in other public places


Grievance petitions, particularly from aggrieved informants

Regarding either non- receipt of anticipated quantum of reward or non-acknowledgement of information allegedly given by them on the basis of which so-called successful searches have been conducted.


Tax evasion petitions, being complaints

Regarding alleged evasion of tax by specific assessees against whom the Department / officers concerned have apparently not taken any action.

Allegations regarding indulgence in corrupt practices by officers

Bent on seeking pecuniary gratification. These petitions would normally include not only complaints regarding lavish life-style of officers by also their casual attitude towards work stemming not just from incompetence or negligence but mostly from a propensity to confer undue benefits on the assessees at the cost of revenue.

Needless to state, the common perception of a ‘vigilance angle’ is covered in such cases. Much of the work in the Vigilance Directorate is taken up by enquiries / inspections aimed at ascertaining the veracity of such allegations regarding seeking of monetary gratification by the Government servants on one ground or the other.




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